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It has been a while, hasn’t it, NAFF Nation?

We apologize for not bringing to a proper close our promotion on the previous New Art Film Festival, which tempered the fright of Halloween weekend with locally-made films fraught with thought and feeling on Sunday, October 30, 2016, at our hallowed venue of choice, the Art Theater Co-op in downtown Champaign, IL!

Once again, the community’s screen artists, arts supporters, courageous onlookers, and out-of-town-visitors-turned-friends spent time with us to see what our media creators had to offer! Just eyeballing the filled seats through the cracks in the auditorium doorways, we think the first (“lighter fare”) and last (“mature fare”) shows attracted a good turnout comparable to 2015, while Kimberly D. Conner‘s feature BEFORE ‘I DO’ in the prime time block certainly proved to be a hit with the greatest turnout we had seen in a few years! Conner posted recently on Facebook that her production has been picked up for distribution in several territories such as the U.S., UK, Japan, Germany, and Africa, so we offer big NAFF congrats to her and the BEFORE ‘I DO’ cast and crew!

Several new-to-NAFF talents made their debut alongside a host of festival veterans. We gave the former and latter an opportunity to mingle at our second (and better attended!) Radio Maria/NAFF “Meet-and-Greet” the afternoon before the show. We were grateful to spend a little down time with Andrew Stengele (HORRORS), Cara Day (C-U production crew stalwart), Carter Boyce (DIE FLUCHT), Chelsea Yang and Kne Xue (VAN GO GO), Keenan Dailey (LABYRINTH), Shea Kelly and Stephanie Kelly (DEMONS IN, DEMONS OUT), and Thomas Nicol (SPEAKING IN TONGUES, THE GOLDFISH) to sip ourdrinks, nibble on refreshments, and chew over the purpose and process of movie storytelling. Even though we did not have an official photographer at the Art this year – yes, shame on usUniversity of Illinois student Di Ye saved the day by joining us between Radio and the theater to snap candids and portraits of this gathering, such as the grouping above. (Your humble program director cleans up nicely, doesn’t he?) We’ll get the remainder shared on our Facebook, shortly and finally!

With nine months now separating the present day and our past NAFF, be sure to reference this permanent Page as a refresher of the pieces we presented. Apart from the films themselves, we would have no NAFF without all the creators who submitted their work to us, the staff and GM Austin McCann of the Art for hosting us with care, Luke Boyce and Shatterglass Studios for assembling our screening media, Lisa Cerezo and Jason Cerezo of ThirdSide for designing our print media and Web site, the members of the press who choose to highlight our efforts, and the denizens of our community who are eager to give these films a look. Thank you!

That all said, it is the first of August already. We’ll have more to discuss later this week, then.

All the best,

Jason Pankoke
Program Director
New Art Film Festival 2016 and on!


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