Next Friday, August 28, is your NAFF 2015 deadline!

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Content creators of the NAFF! The temperatures have cooled, the stay-/vacations have concluded, the University of Illinois student body has begun its campus move-in, and those are just three of many late summer hallmarks signaling you that it’s time for you to submit to us. Indeed!

The Call for Entries of the next New Art Film Festival will expire next week at the stroke of Midnight ending Friday, August 28, 2015. Will your entries materialize under the brand-new roof of the Art Theater Co-op at 126 W. Church St. in downtown Champaign, Illinois, between now and then?!? Better study up one last time before the tests truly begin!

We simply can’t wait to view, review, and compile the best of what you’ve produced for the sixth annual NAFF, set to amaze and inspire our community on Sunday, October 4, starting at 5 p.m. sharp!

Feeling your procrastination pain, but just a little bit…

Jason Pankoke
Program Director
New Art Film Festival 2015


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